Random Southern Albertan Hay Field At Sunrise

Created on a Windows XP machine with POV-Ray.

From top to bottom, here are the progressions of my picture. I started using boxes for the sky and ground then used planes. The ground texture is from Rene Schwietzke's website here. The sky texture is a built-in texture in Povray. I wasn't able to find a texture for the hay rolls. The hardest parts were figuring out how to get the planes to line up properly, how to get half a sphere for the sun and getting the lighting right. I gave up on using Povray's lighting system and brightened up the final picture with PhotoShop. I also blurred the edges of the sun in Photoshop. Other references I used are:
Persistence of Vision TM Ray-Tracer POV-Ray TM Version 3.1g User's Documentation
lf48, Graphics: Povray II: Basic Notions
First attempt
Almost there
Final result