Calgary Tower
---- Lei Xiong
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This is a randering picture of Calgary Tower. It is a day time scene which looks pretty bright. Hope you like this picture.

I used 3D studio Max 7.0 with VRAY rander to generate this picture. The VRAY rander has an amazing affection of generating the pictures.

This picture has four buildings. The major one I focused on is the Calgary Tower. I took a lot of time to create the tower. I used the picture which shows on the right for the reference. Everything was made of cubes, cylinders. I have tried my best to care of some details. Like the windows, the bars between windows, the holes on the top of the tower, and the lightning rod, etc.

For other three buildings, I just used boxes to do every building. I created one window, and just copy and paste. The building behind the tower took me some time to think about. I didn't take the building from the original picture because it is really hard to see.

The most difficult part is the reflection on the glasses, the lighting. I have tried to make the shadow nice. Both of the glasses and the lighting I used VRAY to achieve. There are some parameters need to setup. It is a hard time for me to fix those problems.
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