Calgary Tower --- Frank Yang

3D pic generated with 3D Studio Max

Orginal pic

This project of Calgary Tower was generated with the software 3D Studio Max. The hardest thing about this project is to decide what software to use and then learn the software from the very fundamental, but it's been fun. As much as I would like to whine about how much pain this software has put me through, I think I'll just briefly describe process of the entire project without it.

The software takes a of lot time to learn how to handle. Aren't like photoshop, this is a much powerful tool with a lot more complex parmaters to deal with. I started out with the calgary tower which is the hardest to modify. Calgary Tower itself contains 10 objects including cylinder, cone, tube, and plane. The difficult part about it is that I have to deal with the axis manually by key in the number to align the objects straight.

After the hardest part is done, the rest are won't seem as hard, just put in all sorts of different boxes as the buildings and planes as road. The trees were build in the progream which I just drag it from the AEC object menu. The blue background was done in photoshop but not the cloud. The cloud was was done in 3D Max and I think it was taugh to do, gladly I found some online source taught me how to do so.

The very last part is the coloring which a lot of it were build in the the library. I did use the "tile" in between two colors, mostly for buildings.
(ps. by using keyboard shortcut such as 'M' or 'F9' etc. really saves a lot of efforts)

I also took another two snapshots of the vitural city in two other different angle :