CPSC 3710 Computer Graphics
Term Project

Omar Zabaneh
Monday, February 14, 2005

Travelling Through the Winter Prairies

This picture, drawn from imagination, attemps to represent the cold winters in the Prairies. A highway, covered with a thin layer of blowing snow particles, cuts through the snow covered field on both sides (and middle).

Design & Implementation Details
POV-Ray was used to implement this picture. No external image files or processing software was used. After two days of reading the first few chapters of the POV-Ray manual, and example code, I was able to start working on this picture.
The picture was build in many stages, each exploring a new feature. I started with adding a basic camera and source light and a plain representing my world! The following list enumerates the different stages of implementation:
I did not need to borrow any outside source, except that provided by the POV-Ray 3.6 Macintosh templates and standard include files.

Source Code
The POV-Ray source file is available here

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