CPSC 3710 - Project Assignment


Basically I took a picture from google of Edmonton's Muttart Conservatory in Edmonton, its a bunch of glass pyramids of botanical gardens.

First I need to credit a few sources which helped make my job easier in creating the surrounding area first the sky and ground in which i got from


This site was a great resource for alot general tutorials within Povray

The other is the tree generator that I unzipped its include files into my povray. I did have to twiddle with it a bit, also could only get palm trees working. Ran into problems getting it to display in front of the pyramids


As for the main pyramids I started out with getting the prisms to display properly and getting it in the general area that I want. I did alot trial and error in this section After I was satisfied with the general setup I wanted to put in a water front in which you can see from the real picture. I did alot trail and error on displaying it but the best I could do was display it behind the pyramids. Another was trying to get in a grid wire onto the the pyramids, which I couldnt do so I had to settle with pigment functions.