The Chinese Cultural Society placed a Monument of Commemoration on the City Hall site. This monument serves as a tribute to all Chinese immigrants who have integrated into Canadian society as active dedicated participants since the middle of the 19th century. They have contributed immensely to the economic, social, political and cultural mosaic of Canada.  
This is my depiction of the monument using Pov-Ray.  


- Using a simple light source at low sunset, I was able to mimic the light source from the original image using a touch of reflection and some phong.

- I was able to create the two main pillars using cylinder and a texture like granite to give it an uneven finish like that from the original picture. This goes the same for the trusts that encompass the chinese lettering.

- Chinese lettering for the sign. I was able to pull the original lettering from the sign, put it into photoshop and resize the image to fit the sign in pov ray using image_map. I had to rotate the image on the y axis 180 degrees to get the letter to show the right way.

- For the curvature in the concrete surrounding the monument i used a while loop that had two global variables that incremented by -3 units on the z axis and 3 degrees for the rotate. The texture is comprised of a marble. Using turbulence and a pigment_map of a set percentage of colors used for the spread.

- For the plaque i used some of the original image and mapped it to the box to make it look like what was in the original image.

- For the Tree i used some source code from tomtree that i found on the net. I resized the tree to fit the profile of the original.