CPSC 3710 semester project

Nicholas Dupuis

My candle lit mug on a wood table.


Before starting this project I had never encountered graphics modeling. Initially I had wanted to model my moms house in Calgary. And so I started… It took me hours to perform the most trivial operations, and I was starting to get frustrated. It was at this point I looked down at my desk and saw my mug. I decided that it made more sense to try something small first before trying something as big as a house. And so I started modeling my mug. Hours past as it started looking more and more like my mug. The ever developing resemblance between my mug and the model in my computer was encouraging. However, as the modeling progressed I realized that there are so many aspects that I had to consider. Color, material, texture, light ,fluid dynamics and an entire array of settings in-between. At some point I decided I wouldn’t model a house. I would just try to do the best job I could of my mug. From the start to the end my consistent struggle with this project has been trying to get the software to do the things I wanted to do. However, things that were complicating for me at the beginning became extremely simple by the end. So I guess if were to start another project tomorrow it would be more fun and I’d probably do a much better job. I think I would have the skills do a decent job of a house. For my project I choose to use the open source tool blender 3d. I really don’t know how it compares to other 3D modeling programs, but I thought it was ok.