Picture size: 800 * 600, good enough!
Look at our Library building!
Look at our Library building!
Look at our Library building! Look at our Library building! Look at our Library building!
Wow, our center simbol, should look closer!
Don't know the name, call it "three circles"
Here are some direction guide for ya!
Look at the fishs, hehe
Picture size: 1280 * 1024, pretty big!
Picture size: 1024 * 768, not bad!

Face of U of L



CPSC3710-PovRay project

Tony Huang


I was trying to clone a picture of this area of our school. But I end up with adding my imagination. The difficulty of this image (for me) was to build the center hill and the library building. I have tried to use a half-ball to represent the hill, but it looks just too unrealistic. By studying the tutorial of PovRay, I used ¡°blob¡± to build the hill. It was fun, I think the hill now you seeing containing up to 14 sphere inside. On the other hand, the circle trail and the yield sign were a little bit hard to position.

By the way, I "steal" someone 's "sky" code. it is from here:

I am very happy with the final product and I hope everyone like it as well!


The center union looks very close to the real object, isn't it?

I started from this union, and it look good from the beginning!

It is a shame that you can't see students inside the building! You will, next time!

Can you see there are fish in the water? can't you????

Well, they are quite big though.

this simbol it pretty easy to draw,

just cylinders and cylinders(forgot the chair underneath).

With this sign, you will know where to go! Therefore, you need this!