Computer Science 3710 - Spring 2006
Ray-tracing project
Garret Johnson

Saamis Teepee
Medicine Hat, AB

For this project, I modelled the Saamis teepee in Medicine Hat. It is the largest
teepee in the world, standing 65.5 metres tall, with a base that is 48.8 metres in diameter.

I used 3D Studio Max 8 to create the model. I began by creating nine cylinders for the legs of
the teepee. I placed each leg 20 degrees apart around a circle, then rotated each one so it leaned
toward the centre. I then created the support braces in the front of the teepee. This was difficult
because each one contains over 100 cylinders.

The next step was to create the anchors for the legs. This was done using two boxes and the Boolean subtract operation to create an angled face. After that, a ring of cylinders was added around the base of the teepee to hold the "storyboard" circles. At this point, I applied textures to the model, giving the legs a white chrome texture, the anchors a concrete texture, and the storyboard circles a metal texture, except on their inside faces, which received images similar to those found on the actual teepee.

After that was done, I created the blue and red bands that circle the teepee above the storyboard circles. These were also difficult to create, as they required sizes and angles to be precise, so they would fit between the legs of the teepee. I first created two flat boxes, in an "L" shape, and then made two copies to create the shape required. These boxes were then grouped together and resized to fit within the teepee. I then added a long, thin box to the top and bottom of the shape, and fit it between two of the legs of the teepee. This shape was copied to each of the legs of the teepee, then the whole ring was copied and resized to create the smaller red ring above it.

After that, it was simply a matter of creating two cones for the top of the teepee, and then adding
some environment(background, grass, etc.)

On the left is the reference image, and on the right, my reconstruction of that image:
(Image taken from: scratchpad)

Here is the teepee from a top view:

Here is an image from within the teepee:

Here is an image of the teepee at night: