Nikko Yuko Gardens
  Created By Rodney Johnson

The scene that I attempted to replicate is that of the gateway to the Japanese Nikko Yuko Gardens situated here in Lethbridge.
Overall, it took me the better part of a week to complete. The tutorials and examples found at proved to be quite useful in creating some aspects of the scene.
The entire scene was made using MoRay v3.4 and rendered using Pov-Ray v3.5. It consist primarily of simple objects such as cubes, spheres and cylinders. The sky was made using code found at the aforementioned site. Additionally, the grass was duplicated from code found at that site as well. For the wood, I simply used the material that is already included with Pov-Ray.
The flower patches are bezier patches with material that's similiar to the grass but with some settings such as bumps elevated. The trees were made using a generator I came across that was made by Gilles Trans. I wanted to add more large trees to the pic but the amount of memory and time the renderer was consuming became too much for my taste.
The four buildings in the scene weren't too difficult to make. Difference operations performed on a cone and cube compose three of the roofs seen, reflection was added to the glass on the booth and I tried my best to get the color right on the other buildings but I wasn't as successful as I'd hoped to be.
The flag poles are simply cylinders with bezier patches making up the flags and modeled so as to make it look like the wind is blowing them. Overall, I am satisfied with the image considering the amount of experience with CG I've had up until this point was little to none.
The original picture is below.