Liang Lei's  3710 Project

 The beautiful prairie scenery of South Alberta

Disigned  by POV-Ray  V3.6  for Windows 

Feb 15, 2006

Description: It is very beautiful scenery between Edmonton and Lethbridge.  When this project was coming,  this scenery came into my brain immediately.


I worked with it using  two planes at the beginning, one in which was the sky using a blue sky texture, another  was the ground using grass texture. I  modified them to suit the real sky and grass. In fact , it spent me too much time. The hay bails were created using 7 cylinders with a basic light yellow color. 


I had mainly learning POV-Ray which took many hours and not enough time to develop the  more actual image. Positioning of the camera took a while to figure out in such that it would look ok. Finding good textures is very time consuming when going through them all to pick the right one. Also I had trouble creating the cloudy because I want it to be looked like a real cloudy. Finally, I make it to look more real. Another it is hard for me to make the grass , in fact, I am not still satisfied with the grass, it is not that one I like. But I have spent too much time to fix it , but not successful.

I know it  looks so simple but I spent too much time and many  weekends on it. From the beginning, I never know how to start , till to end, it has been getting more and more beautiful scenery so that I want to add more detail if I have enough time. I am really excited with that I learned more from doing this project. When I look at it, I think it was worth it. and I really like to take computer graphic course.  In the meantime, I has getting to be more  interested in computer graph.  Anyway, I hope you also enjoy it :)

Rendered Image of Landscape: 


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