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This mini-site displays the results of my work for the CS3710 Computer Graphics 3D Project.

I took my inspiration from the City of Lethbridge Municipal Court House. I started with three pictures of the courthouse that I took during a recent trip (for an assignment for a Political Science class).

This project was built in Blender 2.40 (Mac OS X Version). The HTML was generated by Tinderbox (v.3.01 for Mac), a freeform database with superb hyper-link capabilities.

Report Outline

This HTML report has four sections:

  1. Welcome! -- this page
  2. Day Shots -- a page that shows the courthouse during the day
  3. Night Shots -- a day that shows the courthouse at night
  4. Summary -- An overview of the what was learnt while working on this project.

The sidebar contains these links to help navigate.

You can, naturally, click on any picture to see a larger version of it.

  1. Day Shots
  2. Night Shots
  3. Summary
Basic links:
Hierarchical links:

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