This image is of the new City Hall in Calgary.  As you can see it is a large building with a lot of windows.  The image was created using Pov-Ray 3.6.  I chose City Hall because I didn’t see anybody do this in the previous years and I thought it was cool that it was really big.  I thought because Pov-Ray had most of the tools available of a normal programming language that it would be good at performing iterations (it was).  Creating the model was pretty straightforward:


1)      Make a window – a box

2)      Make a frame for the window – a few boxes

3)      Make a row of windows – a loop

4)      Make a slanted window - triangles

5)      Make a frame for the slanted window -  more triangles

6)      Make a row of slanted windows – a loop

7)      Make a gap in the windows – a box

8)      Make a row of gaps in the windows – a loop

9)      Make blocks of rows – calls to functions containing loops

10)  Make a pattern of blocks – nested loops


At first glance the window pattern looks tricky, but it can be done in 2 nested loops calling other functions.  The hardest part was created the slanted windows.  I didn’t just want to rotate and scale a normal window because it’s not very “clean”.  Instead I actually made the windows using a mesh of individual triangles.  This was a pain, and I could have done it in a different way (difference 2 rotated blocks with a normal block), but at least I learned a bit about triangles.  I also made the border of the slanted windows using triangles.


Another challenge was making sure the programming was modularized so I could manipulate constants to make everything look different.


Below is the picture whose angle I copied.  Other pictures were necessary to figure out what the building looked like at the far end.  I started making the things outside of the building, but it looked crappy so I decided not to, and put a big blue block underneath the building.  All in all I was happy with the accuracy of the windows.  Note that I don’t think the sign actually says Gallery of Visual Arts, it says something like Gallery “funny symbol” Visual Arts.



I took the sky from an online tutorial.