Barons Grain Elevator

This image was created using POV-RAY
Final Picture

These are some pictures I took of the grain elevator
Original Images Original Images
First Milestone This is an image of my first milestone. I've got the basic shape of the grain elevator (without roofs). This was created using 3 boxes with planes intersecting them for the roof angles. They were then hollowed out with slightly smaller boxes.
Second Milestone This is an image of my second milestone. I've added the roof and windows.
I spent alot of time in the begining learning POV-Ray, and getting the basic shape. I then had to get the proportions of the different pieces. This took about one third of my time. This brought me to milestone #1.

Adding the roofs and then getting the windows positioned in the proper locations took up about one quarter of the time. This is milestone #2.

Once the objects were there, I spent alot of time trying to get the surfaces to look right. This took up the rest of my time.