By Rohit Sahajpal

The scene I decided to make was based of something that you will most likely see a lot of in the future

the Wind Turbines.


The Picture I decided to use was a wind turbine found in Southern Alberta.

What I ended up making with Pov Ray

I found Pov Ray very difficult to use at first, since I had never used a program like this before.

So I started with reading up on the Pov Ray tutorials on there website to figure out how to make the basic shapes

But I soon relized that basic shapes wasn't going to help me here, so I needed to find some more advanced tutorials and thats where I found Andrea Lohmüller + Friedrich A. Lohmüller website that was dedicated to tutorials of various 3-D programs including Pov Ray.

There was a tutorial on his webiste to make the blades of an airplane, so I used that as my basis for making the blades to the wind turbine. (

Once I got that with my cylinder base this is what I had

I just put in a basic ground and sky texture just to see if I could get it all working properly.

This led to my next problem which was to get a grass texture for the ground. Again I went to the web to see if I could find any tutorials or pre made grass files and then I found it at

It took a long time to get this to work properly because the sky texture was going into the ground and I was getting a black ground and overall it just looked bad.I had to make a new plane for the sky because the default sky textures that come with povray was not working properly with the grass texture so I went back to Andrea and Friedrich's website and found a nice tutorial to make better clouds But finally after an hour or so of fooling around with the options I got it to look like:

Now I had a nice grass texture a nice looking sky and the wind turbine in the middle... it just seemed to plain I wanted to add something else just to make it have more. So I went looking on how to make a tree and found a site that had a tree texture and after a lot of messing around I got the picture up top

That basically gives you an overview of what I did to get the picture I made. If I had more time I would have tried to learn to make my own grass textures and tree textures.