Computer Graphic Pov-Ray Project

Lethbridge Wind-turbine

Wanjian Shao

Feb 15th,2006

Original Picture

I used Pov-Ray to design the project. The Persistence of Vision Ray-Tracer(tm) was developed from DKBTrace 2.12 (written by David K. Buck and Aaron  A. Collins) by a bunch of people (called the POV-Team? in their spare time.

The following  is the steps of designing the project:

Step1:    I decide the percentage of the graphic for sky and plane. For the plane, I make its color green like grass For the sky, I make its color blue and add some clouds to it. (I got some example codes of cloud and edit it ) Here is the picture for  step1:


Step2:   After the first step done, I added rainbow to the sky and make it more beautiful. The graph done for step2:

Step3:    Using the cones and spheres to design the wind-turbine. The following graphic with one wind-turbine:


Step4:   Design another wind-turbine, and point some light on it.  Here is the final graph done


For this project ,the difficult thing was that rotating the cones and spheres to make the wind-turbines nice and real. I also tried to make a lake on the plane, but I found it looked worse when I added it. Although it looks very simple, it took  me a lot  time to read the related materials and  be familiar with the Pov_Ray tool. It also took a lot time to move the objects the specialized position through changing the matrix of objects.


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