CPSC 3710 POV-Ray Assignment



- For the assignment I have selected the Convention Centre at BayShore Inn in Waterton International Peace Park. Alberta. POV-Ray v.3.6 was used to create the image.


-          The basic structure of the house was created with one main box for lower part of the building. To create the angle on the upper part of the house, I first created a box of appropriate size. Then created two planes that sliced the upper left and right corner. The difference function was used to remove the corners. For the windows the glass was first created and then thin boxes were created to line the outside of the window to create the trim.

-          Through making this image I have learned many things about POV-Ray. Although at first I had difficulty with the new functions, such as merging and difference, I have found POVRay to be an excellent tool. At first I thought the difference could be done by creating a box and making two other boxes to make a difference. However, planes are actually required to move parts of an object.

-          I was experimenting with the POVTree program to create a tree object and hope to place one into the image in the future.