This is my rendition of the large teepee in Medicine Hat. It is over 50 meters tall and is made of steel. It was the world's largest teepee until recently.

I chose this structure because it was made of mostly simple geometric shapes and solid colors. Making it was fairly simple once I had made one section of the teepee. The poles are just cones with the ends being circles of .4 meters in diameter and the two top spikes are cones with the top ends having zero radius. The concrete stands were made in Moray because it was hard to create them in PovRay. The borders are toruses with a plane at the front of the teepee acting as a cutoff point for the difference operation. Once I made one of them I could just scale down and translate up to make the others. The triangle shapes in the borders are two boxes rotated at 45 degrees and put into a union. It was difficult to find the exact coordinates to place the things at so they would line up with the poles of the teepee.

Once I had all of the basic parts I made a while loop to clone the parts repeatedly, rotating about the y axis each time by certain number of degrees each time to total 240 degrees or two thirds of a circle in order to leave the front part open. The red circles are supposed to have pictures on them but it was too hard to get the textures lined up properly so I had to leave them out. It turned out to be too dark and far away to see the pictures very well anyway. I changed the finish of the teepee and the grass plane to be slightly reflective and bumpy using a normal map but I don't think it showed up in the final image.

The sky sphere is actually two template spheres that came with PovRay mixed together. The sun was rotated left and down a bit to make it a sunset. The other sphere had blue sky and clouds, which blended nicely with the red sky from the sun. I put an area light near the sun and added fog and some stars on the right.