Josh Willie's Train Scene

I used 3ds max to make my scene. The scene is a train in a park on a very short track. It is a historic train from crowsnest pass coal company. It is now on display at Heritage Park in Calgary Alberta. I used all the built in textures of 3ds max to make the scene. the clouds in the background is built in to 3dsmax and I didnt do anything to make them. The thing that took the longest was lining up all the peices of the model so that they appeared to be a single model, there is an aline function, but it doesnt work the way you would like it to sometimes. I used boolean operations to make the windows and what not. Everything else was fairly straight forward but took longer than I thought it would. I used my own light using an omni directional light and I activated the shadows, although the position of the light minimizies the shadows more than I would have liked. All the work in this scene was created by me using all the built in tools, nothing was taken or borrowed from someone else's work. The trees and lights slow the rendering time down alot (its a good thing I have a fast computer). The ground is just a plane with a grass texture applied to it, so nothing too complicated there. Boolean operations, scaling, rotation, alining, cloning, and a little bit of mesh deformation were the main techniques used in this scene.

My Train Scene

Original Picture