I never draw any picture in 3D before, so the first question in my head was which software do I use. Then I spent few days reading tutorials for Povray,Blender and 3D Stadio Max. Because of I really had no idea about all those 3D stuff, I still dont know which one is easier and better for new hand. Then I thought that the most popular one would have friendly manu and more tutorials on web which could help me in the process.(now I think that wasn't right.) So I chose to use 3D Stadio Max 6.0. The reason that I use a old version because it's really small file size and easy to be download from web. First i modeling one of my photograph,it's takes lots of time but if u read totorials carefully, u just need some time. Then is the hardest part textures. it tooks hours and hours. The toturials on web either talking on some other version or I dont really understood it. Most of them can not be tursted. You just need to try u self and find a way. After this step, I transfor my file to tiff file then use Photoshop ,which I am used a lot, to deal with it. It became really nice. That's great!!! original modeling final