Computer Graphics 3710

JaCobi Jensen


For the project, I decided to create an image of the Cardston Alberta LDS Temple. This is a beautiful and unique building in Southern Alberta. I found a few different pictures of the temple with different perspectives to try to create an accurate image. But I still only ended up creating a symmetrical model due to the lack of angels. I tried to recreate the following picture because I love the look of the temple at night, being the only thing you can actually see because of the lighting.


To create my image, I used 3D Studio Max. I created and positioned several blocks. I used the Boolean Subtracting function to create "indents" in the blocks and then inserted several columns. I used the rotation and movement options to correctly position all of the pieces together. I added a granite texture (that a friend created) to each piece of the entire building. I then experimented with the lighting until I came up with something I liked that was similar to the picture.


I think the temple is a magnificient building and am satisfied with my creation