Computer Graphics

Project - Ray Tracing Software


I was thinking to make an easy picture. Finally, I decided to draw a simple house picture (my neighbor’s house from La Fayette blvd). But it was not easy enough for me to draw. So, I read Pov-Ray Reference and tutorial. However, it looked difficult for me. So, I took the help from Internet sources.



   My Pov-Ray picture                                                                                                                                                                                                               

                                                                                                                                                                   Actual picture


I did scale, translate and rotate the house. Here I used lots of textures. I had to add windows and doors in the front side of the house. I was trying to add more trees with this picture. But I got straggle to do that. Also, I got problems to work with snow. I add some fog from the ground here. I was trying to add more white cloud in the sky, but as the house’s color is white it looks dull.



1.      House: I borrowed the initial house structure which is different than me. I had changed textures, windows, doors, angle etc.

                                   Source: created by Friedrich A. Lohmueller


                  2.   Tree:    Source: