Michael Rogers, 001107058

This picture was made in 3DStudio Max 9 one one of the New Media computers in the B5 labs.

When I first picked the arches, I had thought that they were going to be easy, the hardest part would be the curve. In my naievity, I had thought that 3DSMax could make curves and that the program would be easy to learn as the thought of hard coding the image did not appeal to me.

Boy was I wrong. It took several different tutorials before I was even close to ready to make this thing. I'm not an artist so it took me a long time to even begin to get the simplest measurments and perspective right. But it slowly began to take shape, the steps were completed first, but I still had no idea how to emulate the curve. I sought help.

After talking with one of my new media friends and explaining the project, what I'd done and what I still needed to do, he showed me how to simulate a basic curve using Photoshop overlayed with 3DSMax, some extrudes and a lot of slope management.

Finally with one of the curves looking right, I created a clone of it to create the second arch and moved everything to the right positions and rendered it.
Overall I'm pleased how it turned out, though I don't feel much more proficient with the program.