CPSC 3710 Computer Graphics Project
Author - Sunny Batta
Spring 2008

Ray Tracing Image in Maya

Original Aperture Drive Image

Original Aperture Drive Image

How was it made?

I used Maya 8.5 on Windows to create this graphic image.

Since the Maya software has default texturing color (grey), I had to apply textures for cement, grass, and sky.

Textures used from:
XNA Textures Website

What it is?

This landscape is situated on the hill of the Aperture Drive, infront of the University of Lethbridge library.


Since I had no experience in using any of the graphics software, at first I was going to create this image in PovRay. So, I went through few tutorials and found them to be extremely time consuming. However, I did learn a great deal about how we can apply transormations, textures, arithmetic commands on basic shapes and reuse them to make something big like an object. A friend referred me to use the Maya software, in which we can simply drag and drop polygons (basic shapes) and easily move them around the 3D plane.


Actually, it wasn't that easy as it sounded like since there were several properties in Maya that I had to be aware of. I spent lots of time on transforming the polygons to the correct place so that they would look more realistic in any perspective. My biggest challenge was to learn how to use the Maya software especially when applying textures, shadowing, and ligthing on these objects. I ran into the problem of shadows appearing everywhere because I was using two light sources. The ambient light (sun) to reflect on the sky so that it would appear lighter than my original texture, and another one explicitly to create the shadow. The resolution was that I turned off the option to create shadow from the ambiet light.

Different Perspectives

Zoom-In View


Straight View


Angle View


Ground-Up View