Rockyview General Hospital
7007 14 St SW
Calgary, AB

Created by Martin Graham
Completed February 12th, 2008
Written for the term project of CS3710 at the University of Lethbridge.

This is my recreation of the Rockyview General Hospital in Calgary created using Pov-Ray.
Here is the original image that the build was roughly based off of:

Here is the Pov-Ray Render. Click on any of the proceeding images to view the creation process
of the hospital:

The Rockyview General Hospital consists of 2 main buildings, each which were built with a series of cubes and cylinders.
The right building is a basic cross, which the left is made of 2 towers on top of a roughly square base. Around these
buildings there are a series of small cylinder shaped towers which are a different shade from the rest of the structure
which were added next. Once all of these were created, the building decals were added, which include a large number of
windows, as well as the shading of the stone itself, and a few other additions such as the doors to the ambulence bay.