For the human 3D figures, I used Poser 6. Poser is very productive for creating 3D human figure modeling and some simple primitives.

First, I started normal woman figure. it only has human frame so I need to create new clothes, shoes, and some primitives for this woman figures.

The most effective things in Poser 6 is relatively easy to control light effect and transform to some places and texture using built-in options or choices.

And also camera movement is easy to control comparing to other 3D ray trace software.

But Poser could not handle all 3D figure modeling that's why I also used 3D Studio Max 9





In this pictures, I tried to mix human figure and chair primitive. First, I created one man 3D figure and then creating some clothes, hair and shoe for this. After that merged chair primitive, this chair has applied default texture color for primitives.

I created two or three lighting spot and it aimed different side of human figure. When I rendered this, you can see that it applied shadow effect automatically. Using poser 6, I didn't need to think about the shadow effects according to light effects.

One of the difficulty is that I need to decide how many light spot need for this figure.

If too many, rendering time is so long and hard to see to model or if lock of light, then also hard to see the color on figure and face expression is not shown.