CS3710 Project

Sébastien Lessard



How I made it?

I decided to draw my place since it I did not have any previous experience and I figured it would be a challenge. I started by making the basic shapes and building from there. Everything except from the trees and the doorknob was made from the cube shape. Also, I used a tree generator, and even if I modified a lot of parameters, kudos to the writer of that plug-in, it would've taken much longer to do those. Since I had no previous experience I figured I would use POVRay with Moray. As for tutorials, I only used the one from the moray website since I really just wanted to learn as I was doing the project.

What is it?

Well, I hope it’s obvious that it’s a house, but more precisely, it is where I currently live (no stalkers please). Since I get to see it every day, I had access to measurements to make it more accurate, and pictures.

What was difficult?

The gutter was the hardest part since I actually made it hollow, the curves took me forever, and also because Moray had the great habit of closing for no reason, I had to redo some spots multiple times. Other than that I think everything went relatively well other than the normal learning curve.


More images here!