CS 3710 - Project
Ryan Selk


I decided to do my model on the old Lethbridge post office. I used blender to make. Seeing as this is my first experience with using any type of 3d software a am fairly happy with the end results. I realized about half way through that I picked a building that may have been too advanced for myself. The texture was difficult to implement I found. Being new to 3d modeling certainly made this project different, the more I worked on the project, the better I found myself at blender.

I could not get the clock at the top of the building to appear correctly, the modifications that I did to fix this seem reasonable.

I had some problems with blender for this project as the object window would not update from the edit window, after looking at internet forums I found that the blender version I am using had a bug, after a few hours of searching and finding a patch, i managed to fix the problem eventually.

The making of the Post Office:

Here is the original image of what I worked off of mostly:

About midway through the model. Here i was adding the windows and doorways.


Here is where I added the half cylinders onto the roof. As well as began the frames for the windows.
I had to make some modifications for the tower as it was to tall to begin with.


Here I begin to work on the roof. As mentioned earlier I found this part very difficult and after many tries I had to simplify the design.

Here is a side view of the post office.


I added the texture which was an adventure in itself to get it to appear correctly, adjusted the render window and got the final product.



I am very happy with how much I have learned in blender. I wish I had chosen a different object in the end. This post office could be an excellent 3d model for someone who is better with the software as the actual detail on the building is amazing.