About me.

I am Peng-Jie Wong.
Currently, I am a PIMS Post-Doctoral Fellow at the University of Lethbridge working with Amir Akbary, Andrew Fiori, Habiba Kadiri, and Nathan Ng.
In November 2017, I received my PhD degree from Queen's University under the supervision of Professor Ram Murty.
Here is my CV.

Contact Information.

University of Lethbridge
Department of Mathematics and Computer Science
4401 University Drive
Lethbridge, Alberta T1K 3M4, Canada

Office: University Hall C534
Email: pengjie.wong at uleth.ca


The majority of my research involves the theory of L-functions, arising from Galois and automorphic representations, and its applications to arithmetic.

I have written papers with Amir Akbary, Ayla Gafni, Po-Han Hsu, Habiba Kadiri, M. Ram Murty, V. Kumar Murty, Nathan Ng, Jesse Thorner, and Akshaa Vatwani.
Thanks to Professors M. Ram Murty and V. Kumar Murty, I am with Erdős number 2, which seems unlikely to be improved by the techniques developed to date.

Selected Publications.

Here is the list of my publications.


Conference Organisation.


University of Lethbridge.

Queen's University.