Richard Guy day



Professor Richard Guy will be over 100 years old on September 30

It is hoped that all institutions in Alberta will be celebrating this day which has been designated as

Richard Guy Day

Click here for a song for the occasion, prepared by Robert Schneider.

Click here for an article and the song (once more) for the occasion courtesy of Mathematical Association of America (MAA).

Click here for a blog, authored by Colm Mulcahy.

100th Birthday Greeting to Richard Guy from University of Calgary Chancellor Thirsk

Click here for the best blog by far

Click here for UToday page, University of Calgary

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Click here for Richard's passion for mountain climbing

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Monday October 3, 2016 at the department of Mathematics and Statistics, University of Calgary

Birthday Party

Monday September 30, 2019 at the department of Mathematics and Statistics, University of Calgary

Birthday Party

The Birthday Cake! and best birthday wishes from Queen Elizabeth

Please email kharaghani-at-uleth-dot-ca with the details of your activities to be posted below.

  • University of Calgary,

    11th Annual Richard & Louise Guy Lecture: Poetry, Drumming and Mathematics

    Featuring Fields Medalist

    Manjul Bhargava, Princeton University.

  • University of Alberta, Augustana Campus,

    Special Colloquium in Richard's honour

    and in his presence.

  • MacEwan University,

    Torus Talks, a special presentation!

    Presenters: Dr. Adrian Biglands and Dr. Nataliya Zadorozhna.

    Please see the poster here

  • University of Lethbridge, ,

    Special talk in Richard's honour

    Featuring Richard's 50 years colleague

    Peter Zvengrowski, University of Calgary

  • University of Waterloo

    What do we know about aliquot sequences?

    Special talk at the Number Theory Seminar Series in Richard's honour on September 29, 2016

    Featuring Anton Mosunov

    With Professor Cameron L. Stewart, University of Waterloo, giving an introduction about Professor Guy

  • An interview

    Anthony Bonato Blog

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