Wolf Holzmann
about me My Ph.D. from U.B.C. is in mathematics. I was chair of the Dept. of Mathematics & Computer Science at the University of Lethbridge from 1999/7/1 to 2005/6/30. For several years previously, in addition to my regular faculty duties, I was also a system administrator for the computer network cs.uleth.ca when it consisted of about 45 SUN workstations and servers. My research interests are in combinatorics, specifically Hadamard matrices. For a list of my two dozen refereed journal publications please see MathSciNet at www.ams.org. Also see my research pages. In my career I figure I taught 3907 students in 87 regularly scheduled courses; lucky students? I retired at the end of 2010 (freedom 55 !) and am now a professor emeritus. I enjoy hiking, canoeing and other outdoor pursuits. Links to some of my photos are here.
e-mail w.holzmann with the rest of the email the standard uleth.ca style
postal address W. Holzmann
Dept. of Mathematics & C. S.
University of Lethbridge
Lethbridge, Alberta, T1K 3M4
elapsed time compute it here ;-)
Wolf at Table Mountain, S. W. Alberta, Fall 1985
... when I started in 1985
Wolf at Siyeh Pass, August 2008
... greyer if not wiser in 2008
Wolf at Pastoruri glacier, Peru, July 2006
... Pastoruri glacier, Peru at 5200m, 17000ft!

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