Newton's Method (and Intermediate Value Theorem) examples

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x3 - 1.1
iterating from 1.1

The initial value is good and convergence is very fast.
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x3 - 1.1
using Intermediate Value Theorem

It works but is quite a bit slower than Newton's Method (above) taking 31 iterations to get 8 decimals when starting with [0,2].
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x3 - 27
iterating from 27

Even from a relatively distant initial value the convergence can be fast.
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x2 - 9
iterating from 1

A not particularly good initial value (wrong side) can throw the next interations too far off.
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x sin(2.2 x) = 5sin(x)
iterating from 18

A poor initial value may not lead to closest root. Multiple roots are hard to find if the initial value is not close. Interations are near to several different roots in this example.
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ex - sin x
iterating from 2

Selecting a close initial value is important to avoid "grand tours" like this one!
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Last update: 2009 February 10