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 Fourth Prairie Discrete Mathematics Workshop

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Jim Liu, University of Lethbridge

This workshop is being held in the memory of Jim (Jiping) Liu, 1957-2006, who passed away as a result of a car accident in January.
See dedication page.


The workshop builds on the success of the first Prairie Discrete Math Workshop organized by Shaun Fallat and Brian Alspach and held at the University of Regina in Regina, Saskatchewan, in early October 2003, and the two following ones held at the University of Lethbridge in October 2004, and the University of Winnipeg in August 2005. The intention is to hold workshops on an annual basis at various prairie universities for the purpose of getting together combinatorists from (at least) Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta and adjacent States for a relatively informal workshop. Thanks to the U. of Manitoba's PDM organizing team, who had initially agreed to host this year's PDM, for agreeing to the change of venue so that a tribute to Jim Liu could be held at his home university.

Place and Date
University of Lethbridge, Lethbridge, Alberta, Tuesday August 1 - Wednesday August 2, 2006.
Funding is provided by the the Pacific Institute for the Mathematical Sciences and University of Lethbridge (Faculty of Arts & Science).
Invited speakers
Confirmed invited speakers are:
Location and Registration
All events will be held on the campus of the University of Lethbridge, Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada. To reach the University: fly to Lethbridge, or fly to Calgary and drive for 2.5 hours, taking Highway 2 south to Ft. MacLeod and then Highway 3 east from there, or fly to Great Falls and drive for 3.5 hours, taking the highway north. Once in Lethbridge proceed to the west side of town since the University is located on the western coulee banks of the Old Man River. On Highway 3 look for the Highway 25 exit south. The sessions are in the main building (University Hall).

Parking for participants is available at the North West Parking Lot (first left turn after the four way stop sign) and it costs $6 per day to park there. See campus map.

Note that scenic Waterton National Park in the Rocky Mountains, about an hour and twenty minutes drive south-west of Lethbridge, is a highly recommended outing for those wishing to extend their stay with some pre or post workshop sightseeing.

If you plan to attend please register.

    Registration closed!

There is no registration fee, but we would like to know who is planning to attend so that we can judge the numbers for the dinner, program, etc.

There will be a workshop dinner in tribute to Jim Liu on the evening of August 1.

Financial Support for Students
Limited financial support is available for graduate students or senior undergraduate students. Please contact Hadi Kharaghani (see below).

The University of Lethbridge Conference Services offers very good rates on excellent two and four bedroom apartment suites situated on the campus and only minutes from conference meeting facilities. These apartment suites have full kitchens (no kitchenware is supplied) as well as ensuite washroom facilities with your choice of either a two or four bedroom configuration. These accommodations are very good quality.

Here is a photo of a typical suite. More detailed information about accommodation and facilities is at Conference Services.

The rates are $40 per person per night for a room in Kainai House and $42 per person per night for those in New Village, plus all applicable taxes (4% Alberta Hotel Tax and 6% GST). Kainai apartments are fully furnished units with single beds. Payments can be made by cash, money order or Visa/Mastercard.

If you would like to make reservations, please select from:

For off-campus accommodation, University visitors frequently stay at Lethbridge Lodge. This hotel is located downtown, a five minute drive from the University, or about a 30 minute walk from the University through parkland along the river. There are no hotels in West Lethbridge or closer to the University, however, there are many other hotels and motels available, such as in the Days Inn downtown. To check out alternatives visit alternate accommodation. Hotels along Mayor Magrath Drive are relatively far away and you would require vehicle transportation to get to the University.
There will be space available for posters, and we invite anyone interested in contributing a poster to do so. Please indicate that your interest when you register, or contact Hadi Kharaghani (see below).
The talks are in B660, a room on the sixth (main concourse) level of University Hall, the long main signature building on the east side of campus. The room is one floor up from the department office (D526), faculty offices, lounge and computer labs on the fifth level.
Refreshments will be available after the first morning and first afternoon talks each day (9:50 and 14:50).
TimeRoomSpeakerTitle & Abstracts
August 1
9:00- 9:50B660Brian AlspachOn the hamiltonicity of generalized Petersen graphs
10:00-10:50B660Ryan HaywardPivot and Gomory Cut
11:00-11:50B660Don KreherIsofactorization of circulant graphs
Lunch Break
14:00-14:50B660Joy MorrisThe Cayley Isomorphism Problem
15:00-15:50B660Steven WangPermutation Polynomials: Applications and Constructions
16:00-16:50B660Hongbing FanDecomposition Theorem and Switch Box Design
18:00+Sixth floor Atrium (SE side University Hall)Workshop Dinner
August 2
9:00- 9:50B660Richard GuyThe linguistics of subtraction games
10:00-10:50B660Gary MacGillivrayThe Firefighter Problem for Trees and Graphs
11:00-11:50B660Behruz Tayfeh-RezaieComputational techniques in the construction of combinatorial objects
Lunch Break
14:00-14:50B660Cun-Quan ZhangEdge disjoint spanning trees, dense subgraph partition, graph clustering
15:00-15:50B660G.H.J. van ReesTransversals and Defining Sets in Rectangles and Latin Squares
16:00-16:50B660Qinglin Roger YuRecent progress on the cage problem
Workshop Photos
Organizing Committee and Contacts
The organizing committee is: Hadi Kharaghani, U. of Lethbridge; Hongbing Fan, Wilfrid Laurier University; Roger Yu, Thompson Rivers University; C.Q. Zhang, West Virginia University; Amir Akbary, U. of Lethbridge; Wolf Holzmann, U. of Lethbridge.

If you have questions please send e-mail to Hadi Kharaghani at kharaghani at uleth dot ca or write to:

  Fourth Prairie Discrete Mathematics Workshop,
  Dept. of Mathematics and Computer Science,
  University of Lethbridge,
  Lethbridge, Alberta   T1K 3M4

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