Definition and example of an orthogonal design: OD(24;1,4,4,15)
Supplements and corrections to published papers
  • Correction to On the Asymptotic Existence of Complex Hadamard Matrices, by R. Craigen, W. H. Holzmann, H. Kharaghani, J. Combin. Des., 5:5, (1997), 319--327: In Corollary 4.2 page 325 the number 969 should be 959, as also hinted at by the comment immediately following the corollary.
  • Correction to Complex Golay sequences: structure and applications, by R. Craigen, W. H. Holzmann, H. Kharaghani, Discrete Math., 252:1-3, (2002), 73--89: On page 85, point 1. wherein is a long list of 159 values for p. This list should have 160 values, namely, it should also have the number 477 (between 475 and 499 in the list).
  • Correction to Weak Amicable T-Matrices and Plotkin Arrays, by W. H. Holzmann, H. Kharaghani, J. Combin. Des., 16:1, (2008), 44--52: In Example 4 page 47 the last plus sign should be a minus sign, so the last equation should be identical to the equation on line 13 located mid-page above it.
  • Supplements and corrections: The excess problem and some excess inequivalent matrices of order 32, by W. H. Holzmann, H. Kharaghani, M. T. Lavassani, J. Statist. Plann. Inference, 72, (1998), 381 - 391.
  • Figures and images to accompany the paper On the Plotkin Arrays, by W. H. Holzmann and H. Kharaghani, Austral. J. Comb., 22 (2000), pp. 287-299. There is a typo in Theorem 5 (The First Multiplication Theorem), at the bottom of page 289. An ``8'' was omitted: OD(mt;ts1,...) should read OD(8mt;ts1,...). More images of new Plotkin type arrays.
  • All triples for orthogonal designs of order 40 - generate any OD(40;s,t,u)
  • Three variable full orthogonal designs of order 56 - generate any OD(56;s,t,56-s-t)

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