Help Sessions -- Spring 2014
This semester, the Department of Mathematics and Computer Science in conjunction with Tutoring Services is offering a two help sessions.
There are a total of about 8 hours of help sessions every week in addition to the Office Hours your professors and tutorial instructors hold.
They are intended to help in all aspects of Mathematics.
If you have any questions, concerns, suggestions, etc., please email Allysa ( ).
Please sign in on the appropriate day:

NOTE: This is a sign-in sheet, please sign in when you arrive for help EACH session you attend - thank you!
Wednesday Sign In Form
Thursday Sign In Form
The Last Help Sessions for Spring 2014 Will Be Held On Thursday, April 10.

Help Sessions for ALL Mathematics and Statistics Courses:
Room Time Helpers
Wednesdays D634 5:00-9:00 Jacob Groeneveld Jeff Bleaney Bryan Thiedmann
Thursdays B650 5:00-9:00 Brandon Fuller Mark Thom Kai Fender
RULES OF CONDUCT: This is a professional and welcoming environment, please be respectful to all parties present and keep conversations related to the material being covered. Tutors are here to guide students through problems with hints. Work hard and learn math :D!