Nathan Ng

University of Lethbridge
Department of Mathematics and Computer Science

4401 University Drive
Lethbridge, AB
Canada T1K 3M4

Office : UHall C-558
Phone : 403-329-5118
E-mail : nathan DOT ng AT uleth DOT ca


About me

I am a professor and the PIMS site director at the University of Lethbridge. Here is some further information on my career history .


My area of research is analytic number theory.  I am interested in the Riemann zeta function, L-functions, prime numbers, and a variety of problems in multiplicative number theory. My Ph.D. thesis, Limiting Distributions and Zeros of Artin L-functions, studied the finer behaviour of the summatory function of the Mobius function and Chebyshev's bias in Galois groups. Some research topics I work on include: mean values of L-functions, non-vanishing of L-functions, sums over the zeros of the zeta function, gaps between zeros of the zeta function, mean value estimates for Dirichlet polynomials, convolution sums of arithmetic functions, and various questions concerning distribution functions of number theoretic functions. Recently, I have been interested in questions concerning simple zeros of L-functions and linear combinations of zeros of L-functions. For more information please see my research page .

Our department has a very active Number Theory Group. Students interested in doing a Masters or Ph.D. in number theory should contact me directly.


For Spring 2020 I am teaching Math 2560 (Calculus 2) and Math 3500 (Real Analysis).

Seminar organization

I am an organizer of the Lethbridge Number Theory and Combinatorics seminar .

I organized the joint Ottawa-Carleton Number Theory seminar in Fall 2005- Spring 2006, Fall 2006-Spring 2007 , and Fall 2007 .

In 2003-2004 I was an organizer of the Analytic Number Theory Seminar , at the Université de Montréal.

Conference organization

I co-organized Canadian Number Theory Association meeting XII. This will be taking place at the University of Lethbridge from June 17-22, 2012.

I co-organized Number theory day in Lethbridge This conference took place at the University of Lethbridge on May 7, 2008.

I organized a summer school on Analytic number theory and Diophantine approximation with Damien Roy. It was held in Ottawa, Ontario from June 30 - July 11, 2008.