Department of Mathematics and Computer Science
Number Theory and Combinatorics Seminar
Fall 2012
All talks are at noon on Monday in E575
For more information, or to receive an email announcement of each week's seminar,
contact Nathan Ng < ng AT cs DOT uleth DOT ca > or Dave Morris <>.
Talks in the series this semester:
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Date Speaker Title

Sept 10 everyone Open problem session

Sept 17 Joy Morris Calculating partition numbers

Sept 24 Amir Akbary On a Conjecture of Erdös

Oct 1 Dave Morris Hamiltonian paths in solvable Cayley digraphs

Oct 15 Soroosh Yazdani Local Szpiro Conjecture

Oct 22 Nathan Ng Additive Divisor Sums

Oct 29 Majid Shahabi Weil Conjectures

Nov 5 Farzad Aryan The distribution of \(k\)-tuples of reduced residues

Nov 23 Chris Godsil Continuous Quantum Walks on Graphs
(University of Waterloo)

Nov 30 Heinz Bauschke An Invitation to Projection Models
(UBC Okanagan)

Dec 3 Mark Thom Squarefree Values of Trinomial Discriminants
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