Department of Mathematics and Computer Science
Number Theory and Combinatorics Seminar
Fall 2019
Talks are at noon on Monday in C630 of University Hall
For more information, contact Nathan Ng < ng AT cs DOT uleth DOT ca > or Dave Morris <>.
Talks in the series this semester:
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Date Speaker Title

Sept 9 everyone Open problem session

Sept 16 Gabriel Verret An update on the Polycirculant Conjecture
(University of Auckland, New Zealand)

Sept 23 Selcuk Aygin Extensions of Ramanujan-Mordell Formula with Coefficients $1$ and $p$

Oct 7 Amir Akbary The prime number theorem for automorphic $L$-functions

Oct 21 Khoa Dang Nguyen An analogue of Ruzsa's conjecture for polynomials over finite fields
(University of Calgary)

Oct 28 Quanli Shen The fourth moment of quadratic Dirichlet $L$-functions

Nov 4 Peng-Jie Wong Primes in Short Intervals

Nov 18 Allysa Lumley Distribution of Values of $L$-functions over Function Fields
(Centre de Recherches Mathématiques, Montréal)

Nov 25 Po-Han Hsu Large deviation principle for the divisor function
(Louisiana State University)

Dec 2 Andrew Fiori Simplicity of ABV-packets for Arthur Type Parameters in GLn

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