Department of Mathematics and Computer Science
Number Theory and Combinatorics Seminar
Fall 2021
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Talks this semester are usually at 2:30pm on Wednesday (for an hour). All times are Mountain Time.
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Date Speaker Title

Sept 29 Anthony Bonato Pursuit-evasion games on graphs
(Ryerson University)

Oct 6 Raghu Pantangi EKR-Module Property

Oct 13 Mohsen Aliabadi Matchable subsets in groups and their linear analogues
(Iowa State University)

Oct 20 Iren Darijani Arc-disjoint hamiltonian dipaths in toroidal digrids
(Memorial University)

Oct 27 Nima Hoda Shortcut graphs and groups
at 11am (École Normale Supérieure)

Nov 3 Connor Riddlesden Automorphism and tree-decomposition

Nov 10 Angsuman Das Co-maximal graphs of subgroups
at 10am (Presidency University)

Nov 10 Cheryl Praeger Basic edge-transitive oriented graphs of valency four
at 7pm
(University of Western Australia)

Nov 17 Walter Carballosa Torres Hyperbolicity of some product of graphs
(Florida International University)

Nov 24 Mahsa N. Shirazi On a generalization of the Erdős-Ko-Rado theorem to intersecting and set-wise intersecting perfect matchings
(University of Regina)

Dec 1 Soffía Árnadóttir Cubic, vertex transitive graphs with infinite vertex stabilizers
(University of Waterloo)

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