Department of Mathematics and Computer Science
Number Theory and Combinatorics Seminar
Spring 2014
Talks are at noon on Monday in room B650 of University Hall
For more information, or to receive an email announcement of each week's seminar,
contact Nathan Ng < ng AT cs DOT uleth DOT ca > or Dave Morris <>.
Talks in the series this semester:
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Date Speaker Title

Jan 13 everyone Open problem session

Jan 20 Eric Naslund A density increment approach to Roth’s theorem in the primes
(Princeton University)

Jan 27 Mohammadreza Jooyandeh Recursive algorithms for generation of planar graphs
(Australian National University)

Feb 3 David Roe Numerical methods in p-adic linear algebra
(University of Calgary)

Feb 10 Joy Morris Automorphisms of Cayley graphs that respect partitions

Feb 24 Olivier Ramaré Bilinear Forms on Prime Numbers
(CNRS and Université de Lille 1)

Mar 3 Daniel Fiorilli Nuclear physics and number theory
(University of Michigan)

Mar 10 Amir Akbary Introduction to the ABC Conjecture

Mar 17 Hadi Kharaghani Difference matrices and applications

Mar 24 Ted Dobson On Cayley Numbers
(Mississippi State University)

Mar 31 Allysa Lumley New bounds for \(\psi(x; q,a)\)

Apr 7 James Parks Amicable pairs and aliquot cycles on average

Apr 14 Soroosh Yazdani Modular curves and moduli problems
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