Department of Mathematics and Computer Science
Number Theory and Combinatorics Seminar
Spring 2018
Talks are at noon on Monday in various rooms in University Hall
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Talks in the series this semester:
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Date Speaker Title

Jan 15 everyone Open problem session

Jan 29 Nathan Ng Mean values of long Dirichlet polynomials

Feb 12 Ha Tran Reduced Ideals from the Reduction Algorithm
(University of Calgary)

Feb 26 Andrew Fiori A Geometric Description of Arthur Packets

Mar 5 Amir Akbary On the size of the gcd of $\boldsymbol{a^n-1}$ and $\boldsymbol{b^n-1}$

Mar 12 Steve Wilson The BGCG Construction
(Northern Arizona University)

Mar 19 Peng-Jie Wong On Generalisations of the Titchmarsh divisor problem

Mar 26 Joy Morris Cayley index and Most Rigid Representations (MRRs)

Apr 9 Jean-Marc Deshouillers Values of arithmetic functions at consecutive arguments
(University of Bordeaux)

May 7 Alia Hamieh Non-vanishing of $L$-functions of Hilbert Modular Forms inside the Critical Strip
(University of Northern British Columbia)

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