Department of Mathematics and Computer Science
Number Theory and Combinatorics Seminar
Spring/Summer 2020
Until further notice, all talks this summer will be given online
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Talks are usually at noon on Monday. All times are Mountain Time.
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Date Speaker Title

Jan 13 everyone Open problem session

Jan 20 Joy Morris Regular Representations of Groups

Jan 27 Habiba Kadiri Explicit results about primes in Chebotarev's density theorem

Feb 3 Selcuk Aygin On the eta quotients whose derivatives are also eta quotients

Feb 10 Amir Akbary Reciprocity Laws

Feb 24 Peng-Jie Wong Cyclicity of CM Elliptic Curves Modulo $p$

Mar 2 Nathan Ng Moments of the Riemann zeta function and mean values of long Dirichlet polynomials

Mar 9 Nathan Ng The size of prime number error terms

May 20 Daniel Fiorilli On the distribution of the error term in Chebotarev's density theorem and applications
(University of Ottawa and University of Paris - Saclay)

May 25 Olivier Ramaré Explicit Average Orders: News & Problems
(Institut de Mathématiques de Marseille)

June 8 Forrest Francis Explicit Improvements to the Burgess Bound
at 4pm
(UNSW Canberra, Australia)

June 15 Ethan Lee Goldbach's Conjecture and Square-free Numbers
at 4pm
(UNSW Canberra, Australia)

June 22 Asif Zaman An effective Chebotarev density theorem for fibres
(University of Toronto)

June 29 Shabnam Akhtari How to count (cubic and quartic) binary forms
(University of Oregon)

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