Department of Mathematics and Computer Science
Number Theory and Combinatorics Seminar
Spring 2021
Until further notice, all talks will be given online
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Talks are usually at noon on Monday. All times are Mountain Time.
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Date Speaker Title

Jan 18 everyone Organizational meeting and problem session

Jan 28 Micah Milinovich Irregularities of Dirichlet L-functions and a Chebyshev-type bias for zeros
(University of Mississippi)

Feb 1 Quanli Shen The first moment of quadratic twists of modular $L$-functions

Feb 8 Dave Morris Quasi-isometric bounded generation

Feb 22 David Nguyen Distribution of the ternary divisor function in arithmetic progressions
(University of California, Santa Barbara)

Mar 1 Andrew Fiori Unbounded Denominators for Non-Congruence Forms of Index 7

Mar 8 Amir Akbary Sums of triangular numbers and sums of squares

Mar 15 Junxian Li Uniform Titchmarsh divisor problems
(Max Planck Institute)

Mar 22 Amita Malik Partitions into parts concerning a Chebotarev condition
(American Institute of Mathematics, California)

Mar 29 Babak Miraftab Infinite cycles in graphs

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