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last updated Feb. 2011

getting started in LaTeX

- a sample LaTeX file to start with

- here is a more complex sample that you can use -- this is also the tutorial on LaTeX that I gave to my graduate students (here's the pdf).

- a worksheet in pdf format that illustrates the use of some of the mathematical symbols (designed for my cs3660 class, it contains many symbols we use for relational algebra)

Steps to follow on our linux/solaris systems:
  • use a text editor (emacs, vi) to create the latex file. You can use one of my samples as above to start with if you like. The filename should end in .tex
  • at the prompt type
     pdflatex filename.tex 

some useful LaTeX links

BibTeX and Bibliography Styles
Document classes and packages
the LateX Project
The LaTeX book that I use

LaTeX Tutorials and Hints
from other people

LaTeX by Example from Standford School of Earth Sciences
LaTeX Tutorial
Beginning LaTeX tutorial
Getting Started with LaTeX
Formatting Information
(275 pages, pdf -- formerly known as A Beginner's Guide to Typesetting with LaTeX)

general guidelines for writing

Tips on how to write in math (and cs) (pdf)
Technical Writing guidelines
APA Style Guide
** Writing Systems and Networking Articles