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last updated Nov. 2012

instructor resources for Puppy

Puppy consists of a set of building instructions that can be followed online to build a puppy using the NXT Lego Robot kits. When puppy is built the students can then program their dog to come, bark, and respond to a button press on the "leash". These instructions were provided by people at the University of Victoria who ran an outreach activity using this set up. I take no credit whatsoever for these instructions, although I have followed them a number of times :-)

- the overview provided by the folks at UVic (word document)

- puppy_come.rbt: the NXT program for making the puppy come on command

- puppy.rbt: another NXT program for your puppy

- dogbark.wav and dogbark.rso, so that you can make your puppy bark (you need the rso file to be imported in to the NXT software, I believe).

- the enchanting card for puppy (you'll need Enchanting installed on your computer if you want to program your robot using this instead of Lego's Labview software).

- building instructions