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ArrangePak 2.02
ArrangePak aids reseachers in displaying and manipulating arrangements of lines and performing operations on the arrangement. Currently, Arrangepak allows the user to create random arrangements and to drag lines with the mouse. A simple duality transform and the wiring diagram can be created. Of particular interest is a pseudo-line option which generates a topologically equivalent pseudo-line arrangement with small faces enlarged.
VisPak 2.02
VisPak 2.0 is an updated version of software for research involving visibility of objects in the plane. Routines for computing the visibility graph of line segments, rectangles, polygons and orthogonal polygons are available. Implementations for computing the visibility polygons of a set of endpoints of line segments are included. Computation of the full visibility graph of a set of line segments is now available.
OrthoPak 2.02
OrthoPak contains tools for displaying graphs orthogonally in 3D space. The output is either povray source code or a VRML v2.0 world which can be viewed and examined with an VRML browser supporting VRML 2.0 syntax (for example, Cosmoplayer for PCs, or vrwave on unix.) Colouring is preserved in the VRML file so that edges and nodes can easily be identified.

All software is freely distributed for teaching and research purposes on an as-is basis.
Binaries for Solaris (Sept. 2002) Older versions are archived Binaries for Linux (Uses the older free version of LEDA-4) Source -- It requires the user to obtain a licence for LEDA and to download the LEDA libraries
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