Stephen Wismath -- Research Interests

Department of Mathematics and Computer Science,
University of Lethbridge,

I gratefully acknowledge NSERC for their support of my research.

animated K7

Computational Geometry


Graph Drawing

Software and Scientific Visualization

Program Committees

I have served recently on the program committees for:

Graduate Students:

LillAnne Jackson -- graduated in 1996 -- currently doing a PhD in CS at the U. of Calgary.

Elpseth Nickle -- started Jan 2003 (co-supervised with Dr. D. Gaur).

Sebastian Hanlon -- started Sept. 2004.

Undergraduate summer students:

In the last several years, I have hired the following undergraduate students to work on research projects:
Helen Pinto, Michael Closson, Shane Gartshore, John Johansen, Breanne Dyck, Jill Joevenazzo, Jon Wilsdon, Sebastian Hanlon, Ray Dufresne, Kim Hansen.

Summer of 2005: Carrie Wang, Ethan Kim

Open Problems: