Computer Science 3710

Computer Graphics

Project - Ray Tracing Software

Fouzia Ashraf Mousumi

Mental Ray tracer is a powerful ray tracer of 3ds Max that can generate reflections and refractions more realistic during rendering.

In my project I have created a Day Light System which is generated by comprising two mental ray photometric light sources:

These two light sources are accompanied by the mr Physical Sky environment shader, which establishes the physical representation of the sun and sky. Then I adjusted the location of this landmark from map and tested under different day and time along with sun positions. And also I have applied photometric exposure light on the scene to observe what the difference between sunlight and these artificial light's effect.

Image 01: Rendered Scene with Daylight System Positioned at Late Day 2 February,2010

Image 02: Rendered Scene with Free light(100 W Bulb)

Image 03: Rendered Scene with Daylight System Positioned at Midday2 February,2010