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Assignment #1 (win32 binaries):
Part 1 Part 2

These programs were compiled under windows XP using Visual C++ 6.0. The binaries should execute under any windows environment, although they have not been tested.

Keys for assignment #1a are:
  • Left Click - starts the animation
  • Right Click - stops the anmimation
  • ESC key - exits the program
  • 'f' key - toggles fullscreen
  • '+' key - adds more balls to the stage
  • '-' key - removes balls from the stage

  • Keys for assignment #1b are:
  • Absolutely nothing!

  • Project #1:

    This image was rendered using Povray 3.1 for Windows. It's my hope that you can tell what it is from the picture below, but just incase it's the front view of the U of L.