POV-Ray Project by Zac Friggstad

My POV-Ray project is of the interior of the First Baptist Church located on 5th Ave South between 16th and 17th St.

I chose this site because I was interested in doing an indoor picture. Being a regular attender of the church, I thought it would be very interesting to try my luck at representing the interior in POV-Ray.

The pictures are best viewed in 1024x768 resolution with True Color settings (24-bit).

Lethbridge Teapot
View the Lethbridge Teapot.

Report of Lethbridge Teapot scene.

Distant Picture
View the far back picture of the church.

Close-Up Picture
View a close-up render of the front of the the church.

View an actual picture of the church here.

Report of church scenes.

Contact: zac.friggstad@uleth.ca